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About Outdoor Distinctions LLC

In 2016, a small management team was assembled to create a new outdoor consumer products company to capitalize on growing outdoor living trends.  Our team has worked in the outdoor industry for the past 10 years developing outdoor products and accessories, has 23 years of consumer product marketing knowledge, expertise in importing goods from overseas, and experienced first-hand the growing consumer demand for outdoor lifestyle living.  On June 9th of 2016, Outdoor Distinctions LLC was created to leverage the team’s industry experience.  Over the past 5 years we have seen overseas manufacturing efficiencies deteriorate to a point where wages, political unrest, and container costs reached a point where manufacturing bulky products needed to be closer to distribution channels.  To benefit from the adverse business environment key stakeholders developed a new business and mission statement for Outdoor Distinctions by bringing core manufacturing back to the USA.

Outdoor Distinctions business strategy is focused on manufacturing and marketing high-end, low maintenance outdoor living products and decorative accessories to enrich consumers’ leisure time.  Phase 1 launched in Q3 of 2016, consisting of a complete line of pergola and arbor product which is the focal point of any outdoor setting or gathering place.  The outdoor fiberglass structures are manufactured, fabricated, and completely finished in the Midwest of the United States.  The breadth of our pergola product line consists of 5 column styles including round and square profiles with additional decorative designs and varying heights.  Combining these high-end column designs with the pultruded fiberglass roofs creates an extensive product line that is esthetically pleasing structures in freestanding and attached styles.

Phase 2 was released in Q4 of 2016 with the addition of planter boxes also Made in the USA.  The planter boxes will be marketed under a sub-brand called Bloomz Box to draw attention on how container gardening can achieve outstanding floral growth.  The Bloomz Box is made of fiberglass construction offering many outdoor benefits including high strength to weight ratio, lightweight, will not rot or rust, and has low expansion and contraction properties during freeze and thaw cycles unlike wood, metal, or plastic products.  The built-in water management system consists of a convex base, side drainage holes, and micro-mesh filtering mat to retain soil while optimizing internal temperature.  The planter boxes are built to withstand home or commercial use, can be hung using the integrated hanger rails, and are available in black or white colors with lengths ranging from 24” to 180”.

The future looks very bright for Outdoor Distinctions as the finishing touches are being applied to phase 3.  Product lines encompassing water and fire elements will be added including outdoor accessories and yard art.  Outdoor Distinctions LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Carmel, Indiana with manufacturing and warehousing in the USA and Mexico.